4 Things To Know About A Multi-Split AC System

4 Things To Know About A Multi-Split AC System

When it comes to choosing the right air conditioner, you have a lot of options. Whether you are looking for something for your home or a commercial property, it’s important to take your time and compare the different units on the market.  Multi-split AC systems are a popular option because they are affordable and efficient. They can do all the work of bigger units but are a fraction of the size. If you are considering one of these units, here are four things you should know about them.

1. Perfect For Small Homes

Residential and commercial air conditioners are often big and bulky. People living in small homes or working in small offices simply don’t need big units to take up space. A reverse cycle air conditioner can cool a small home with easy, and there are not bulky units. Instead of having to take up a window with a big window unit, the wall units included with a multi-split AC system are small and fit well in small spaces. They can easily blend in with the design of any home, and some people don’t even notice them.

2. Easy To Install

Air conditioning installation can be difficult for many people. While some can do it themselves, others end up hiring air conditioner installers to do the job for them. Multi-split AC units are easy to install. Even commercial installation is a breeze.  The wall units can be installed in each room, and the compressor is installed outdoors. You could have quality air conditioning in your home in just a few hours. If you need to hire a professional to install the unit, they may be able to do so much faster.

3. Low Maintenance

Unlike a regular air conditioning unit, split systems units do not have any duct work. That means they are much easier to maintain, clean, and care for. Systems with ducts need to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. Owners have to get into the duct work and clean the full system. Multi-split systems do need to be cleaned, but the process is much easier. The fan grille, air con filter, and main system components should be sprayed down and wiped clean every few months r as needed.

4. High Energy Star Rating

If you are concerned about energy efficiency, a multi-split system may give you some piece of mind. Companies that produce these units have spent a lot of time making sure they are efficient and can keep up with consumer use patterns. The parts and technology used to make the split units have been improved, so they function better than those in a ducted air conditioner.  Better efficiency means better affordability. You don’t have to worry about high utility bills.

The more you know about the different types of air conditioning units available, the better your chances of choosing the one that is right for your home. Multi-split units aren’t the only option, and they aren’t right for every home.

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