Great Games For Your iPhone

Great Games For Your iPhone

Your iPhone is amazing, but half the time, we still sit there twiddling our thumbs because we’re bored. There’s a million amazing things you could do with it, but the most entertaining and fulfilling is finding games like free solitaire and other popular card games and apps. If you’re ever wondering what to do when you’re bored, you’ve just found out: get on the game train!

There are a few perfect opportunities you can take to delve deep into an awesome game. These are the top three instances where you can fill your time gaps with a great game on your iPhone:

On the Bus: Heading to and from the mall or work early in the morning? What better time is there to pull out your iPhone and enjoy your commute? Most of us don’t like travelling by public transit, but you can take away all the dread with a quick game. It can also wake you up in the morning.

Flying: Nothing stinks more than not having the internet on a flight (not all planes have it now), but having the right games to zone out with when you have eight hours to LA can be extremely relaxing and give you something to do when you’re antsy.

Family Parties: Hey, we’re not going to pretend that anyone actually likes going to these things. Take a look at some of the amazing games on your iPhone and whiz through them. You have to put a smile on your face somehow, and most likely the family gathering isn’t going to do that.

You can probably think of ten more instances right off the top of your head where you’d rather be playing a game on your iPhone than doing annoying tasks, or wasting time by just sitting around. So, go get your game on!

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