How to Create a Split Screen Effect with Movavi Video Editor

Create a Split Screen Effect with Movavi Video Editor

Split screen effect allows you to display two different scenes side by side in a single video. It is often seen in a video that is comparing two products or two simultaneous actions. Split screen effect is not a new video trick and it has been around since the 1940s. It is a simple video trick that can be done with a basic video editing program like Movavi Video Editor. With Movavi Video Editor, you create a split screen video that feature two videos in different split view modes including up/down, down/up, left/right and right/left.

If you not yet have Movavi Video Editor, you should download it from the Movavi site. Once the program is installed, you must launch it and select the Create project in full feature mode when the welcome screen pop up. The next step is to load two videos into the software by clicking the Add Media Files button or dragging them to the drag and drop interface on the timeline.

One video will be used as the base video and the other video will be overlaid on the first video. The videos will  be automatically load onto the video track. The video track is the lower track in the timeline. You have to drag the second video up to the overlay track above the video track. If you only have one video, you can choose another video footage clip from the Movavi video library. You can click on the Download more link to browse more free video footage.

To enter into editing mode, you must double click on the video in the overlay track. The preview screen will now show the second video overlay on the first video. From the drop down menu above, you can now choose the preferred split view position. You can also click on one of the four icons on the right side of the drop down menu to change the split view position. Get more details at

After selecting the desired mode, you can click the apply button to validate the changes on the video. If you take a look at the video clip in the timeline now, you will see both videos are now merged together into a single clip on the video track. You can play back the video on the preview section to see if you need to make any changes on it. If not, you can always choose another split view position from the drop down menu.

Now, the problem is that your audience will hear the confusing soundtracks from two videos. You can solve this problem by clicking on the mute icon to mute the sound track. The sound track is located below the video track in the timeline. You can also delete the sound track and add another soundtrack to the background by using the Add Media Files button. The last step is to click the Export button to save the split view video. After specifying an appropriate format, you can click on the Start button to start saving the video.

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