Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

More people are becoming better in technology, and we can even see in primary school that kids are being taught to code. This means it will be harder to stand out. There are many tools and techniques you can use for search engine optimization, but what is the definition of great SEO service.

Many people don’t think about this question, but answer exists for sure. It is hard to stand out like Boston SEO, but if you figure out the answer, your chances of ranking better on search engines are greater. The answer is that rankings are won by those who best serve their users. This may sound broad, but when you have that sentence in your mind while adapting the techniques on your website, you will do much better and you will understand every purpose of each tool and style.

Acquire natural links

If you have a great content management it can help you get more natural links. This can help you out as something that isn’t hard to manage. It is bad to just add external links so your content will look more natural, or use a weird vendor to get you links from a private blog network. If you are really doing great content marketing, and you are building a brand, doing creative campaigns through social media, the links are going to come in naturally. That is really the way you want to go about it.

Linking is kind of slowly getting less and less important, but it still is important. That trend is definitely going to continue, meaning that how important it is for ranking in Google. Just get those links by doing great PR, helping out journalists, get great content by applying infographics and data and video that people want to see. If you manage this, it is going to be great for you. You will have less risk and more traffic and recognition from Google.

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Website structure

If you got that top level keyword, all these supporting keywords, make sure you are making them more compact and they are linking to each other so they are connecting the authority to each one of them. Google will notice them much better. Important thing is to be technically correct. If you are using things like mobile sub domains, and AMP and angular, all together, that can really mess your structure.

You need to remember that you can’t take shortcuts when it comes to optimization. Your technical part needs to be on point because Google is recognizing everything. If they notice too much stuff going on your rank will drop for sure.

Google stories

Google creates Google stories if you have AMP on your website. And now you can do these AMP stories inside Google stories on mobile that are even animated. So, there are Instagram stories, Facebook stories, and also Google stories. You can create a story inside of Google, it is mostly on the news side, and it is mostly for highly trafficked news websites, but it is definitely something you should be looking at.

Use video

Videos are going to be big in upcoming years and also moving images, but not like gifs, it is more like and video in an image. There is a lot of different ways to do it. If you have a really long form article, you can create videos on each of the sections, optimize it for YouTube, and then embed them in the post. People will stick longer and the article will look more compact. Video in addition to text gives you more synergy, so make sure that you are creating a video strategy for your business.

Don’t stop expending

The more people that are searching for you, the better off you are going to rank. So if you are running YouTube videos and a whole bunch of people are seeing it, and then searching on Google for brand, and then coming to your site that is going to help your rankings. If people are searching for something and then they see your listing inside of Google and they click on it because you have a stronger brand that is going to be helpful too. Use social media for viral campaigns.

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