The Best CRMSoftware for Advertising Agencies

The Best CRMSoftware for Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies are doing a more difficult and responsible job than one may imagine. Advertising another company’s service or product is a huge responsibility and success highly depends on the process of your work. To manage every single business process, successful and world-famous agencies implement customer relationship management systems. Are you thinking of implementing one? Keep on reading to have more information on this topic.

Choosing good crm software for advertising agencies requires a thorough research. CRM market offers a high number of management software systems; however the best ones are always distinguished by uniqueness and effectiveness. Let’s compare the top vendors to be able to choose the best one for your unique business needs and goals. Here we go:

Top CRM Vendors

Number one is Bpm’online– a system that does not stop to surprise by innovations.  To learn more you can read the following article

As you know, unique tools and innovative approach are of crucial importance especially in advertising and media; maybe that’s the main reason of Bpm’online’s success in this industry. This popular crm software for advertising agencies helps you enhance collaboration and improve interactions with your clients, organize productive and personalized campaigns, manage relationships efficiently, boost engagement and lead generation and so on. It offers productivity and collaboration that will increase your productivity and minimize costs, among them are marketing campaign tools, calendars and organizers, email marketing, single database for your data, complete customer view, task organization and automation, as well as powerful analysis tools to manage and improve performance.

The second option to consider is Wrike .Wrike is an easy to use and effective CRM tool designed for advertising agencies to improve, grow and succeed. It helps you organize all of your important information, files and documents in one place and have access to every single item anytime from the device suitable for you and your team. It gives an exclusive opportunity to improve collaboration with your customers; it offers features to review, track, check, analyze and forecast. This CRM software system offers task project and campaign management, file sharing and time tracking are other powerful features.

This system is famous for its creative approach and user-friendly interface, and is widely used all over the world by creative teams, marketing and advertising agencies, media companies and organizations that choose to be different!

The third position is held by AdPlugg  AdPlugg is a cloud and SaaS based CRM system that is definitely one of the most favorite ones of modern advertising agencies. It is rather affordable and is perfect to manage your ads online. The system offers a range of tools and features to create, control, target as well as schedule your ads and achieve greater results. It’s an effective solution to manage your ads and interactions, besides it is very easy to set up and use. It offers excellent campaign management and customer support. AdPlugg is a simple solution suitable mainly for small advertising agencies and teams.

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