The Eluga X1: Redefining the Smart in Smartphones Today

Eluga X1

Smartphones have changed the manner in which we live to a great extent. After all, with access to the internet, the realm of communication has improved as has the ability to manage our schedules and carry out multitasking abilities. The Eluga X1, launched in October 2018, is one such device brought to you by Panasonic India that effortlessly blends everyday functionality with high end features to offer you a phone that redefines what smart looks and feels like effortlessly.

An intelligently prompt processor and high-powered battery

Powered by the latest MediaTek Helio P60 Octa-Core processor clocked at 2.0 Ghz, the device delivers a potent performance and gives you the ability to run various apps and also multitask in a hassle-free manner. This reduces the chances of phone freezes as you can make use of various apps simultaneously. In addition to this, the 3000mAh big batter power and effective battery consumption technology makes the smartphone seamless to use all throughout the day. You can effortlessly watch, play, work and carry out tasks without having to worry about the low battery notification popping out.

With looks that are as sturdy as they could kill

The Eluga X1 is high on the looks department as well. It comes with a 7.85mm stainless steel body that adds personality and class to its exterior. It is crafted to perfection and comes in two bold and vibrant colors that is dark grey and silver but just because it looks delicate does not mean that it actually is. The device is under the Gorilla glass phones category that is resilient and sturdy. Its 15.7cm (6.18”) FHD+ notch display comes with a 19:9 aspect ratio. This ensures users obtain an impeccable, bezel-less visual quality experience.

High quality camera and ample storage space

The camera feature plays a vital role in any smartphone today and if the Eluga X1 reviews are anything to go by, its 16MP+5MP AI-powered dual rear camera offers a photography experience. Its features such as the Bokeh mode, live photos, back light effect and the AI beautification all enhance the visual experience while the 16MP front camera ensures all your selfies are pieces of art. You can also store all your pictures and videos or even apps and other heavy files for that matter effortlessly with the 4GB RAM that is combined with 64GB internal storage. You can store countless memories without having to worry about running low on space.

Besides this, its AI Sense the IR face unlock comes with 256 facial dot recognition points that ensures only you have the power to unlock your device. You can also plan your day proficiently with the ARBO HUB, a pre-installed app that records your usage patterns and helps manage everyday tasks fruitfully. The device comes with the latest version of Android Oreo 8.1 which hones the potential to make your device two times faster in its operations. All these specs make the Eluga X1 quite a catch and definitely redefines the way smartphones function in a clever and superlative manner.

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