Tips and tricks of Excel that we all have to know

Tips and tricks of Excel

Excel spreadsheets are very useful in various areas of life and hide tricks that very few people knowThe vast majority of professionals use, to a lesser or greater extent, the Excel spreadsheets to carry out their work. These spreadsheets are used to compare figures, analyze data, perform complex operations or keep an orderly list, among many other functions. We all know the basic benefits of Excel, but there are very few who know the tricks that this program hides ..

The Excel program is part of the Microsoft Office cheap package and contains spreadsheets that serve to perform different mathematical and logical operations, often associated with accounting and financial tasks. This software allows to elaborate tables by means of formulas in which mathematical operators can be used and also allows to use preconfigured functions to perform averages and searches.

Due to its characteristics, this is a useful tool for students and professionals, regardless of the field in which they operate. If you want to know more about this useful program and get the most out of it , here is a list of tips and tricks that will help you.

  • Opening the book at the beginning : if we always work with the same template, it is best to configure it to open directly each time we open Excel. To achieve this, we must store in a folder named programmicrosoft files officeoffice11xlstart. and it will open automatically. 
  • Autocomplete : if you are doing a form with values that must be repeated, it is best that you have activated the autocomplete option to move faster in your task.
  • Width of the columns: if you want that in your document some columns have the same nacho you must: select the column that has the desired width and click on the header; with the cursor over it, right click to open the menu and click on copy. When we are in the destination column, we must click on the column of the header and in special paste mark the option “column width”.
  • Repeat contents of the upper cell: the fastest way to copy the contents of an immediate cell to another is to press the CTRL key and the apostrophe.
  • Change content format: if I want to put the contents of a cell in bold, the easiest way is to press the cell and press the CTRL buttons and the letter N. If I want to underline it, I must press CTRL and the letter S. For the italic It is the same procedure, by touching the CTRL and K keys.
  • Hide or recover rows: if we want to have rows that are not in view, we can hide them by pressing CTRL and 9 at the same time. To recover it and to see it again, we must touch the CTRL + Shift + 8 keys.
  • Hide or retrieve columns: same as the previous trick, but with columns. To make them disappear we must press CTRL and the number zero. If we want it to reappear, press CTRL + Shift + 9 simultaneously.
  • Insert comment: Excel offers the possibility of entering comments in each of the cells to comment on any relevant information on the data that is there, to insert a comment, we must click inside the cell “Shift” and “F2”.
  • Repeat last action: to avoid going through the same procedures, we can use the F4 key that stores the last order or applied format to repeat the last action performed.
  • Manual recalculation : to prevent the program from being delayed by performing calculations every time we open a large file, we can mark the option that Excel recalculates the data only when we want. To do this, we must go to Tools and select in the section “Calculate” the option “Manual”.

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