Vuuzle Live Easy To Use Best Streaming App For Android And iOS To Broadcast And Earn

Vuuzle Live Easy To Use Best Streaming App For Android And iOS To Broadcast And Earn

Live streaming is a sensational element in the business today,and no one can deny that it has changed the gaming world. Everyone wants to spend free time playing games and watching interesting videos. However, the time has changed,and people want to see everything live,and it also implies to television shows and reality shows. Live streaming is no longer about the gaming, and we are going to look at a streaming service called Vuuzle Live app

What is Vuuzle Live Application?

Vuuzle Live Android app is a Live Streaming service for the public,and it defines next level streaming that no one has thought about it. People can create an account with Vuuzle Live and start streaming daily life. The company does not restrict the users from stream live without any limitations. There are two types of users on the platform 1) Viewers and 2) Streamers. The accounts do offer both viewing options and live options at the same time.

Vuuzle Live App Features

The LIVE app bundled with unique features including basic functions as well. However, we have to look at the streaming features and monetization functions as well.

Create Account & Basic Functions: New users have to create an account by signing up. Users can edit the profile like adding a photo, gender, description, and other options. You can watch the view & watch the live videos in the windows. Users can text other users as well, and it does add greater value to the inbox. If you loved a LIVE video, then users can follow favorite creators and never miss any other live video in the future.

Go Live &Gifts: It is a fully functional account that has LIVE functions and viewing features, so you don’t have to sign-up or work on something next to enable the LIVE options. Viewers can watch the streams,and there are options such as sending virtual gifts to the streamers.

Privacy: If you are going live from a smartphone, then you might receive a call at anytime. Vuuzle Live technology pauses the stream when a call is ringing on the smartphone. The application privacy function mutes the microphone and shut down the camera so that no one can find out about the conversation.

Monetization: The Company aims to provide the best monetization abilities to the streamers. Users can make a lot of money from live streaming and is based on advertisements, display advertisements, and video ads. The CPC is high on the Vuuzle Live application, so the LIVE users are going to make plenty of funds from the platform. Vuuzle Live Inc converts the virtual gifts into real money, and management cuts a few percentages of the earnings.

New Features Coming: The Company announced that they would add 3D and augmented reality functions very soon. Vuuzle Live Inc is also working on inviting advertisements agencies to the platform so that streamers can get better-earning rate.

How to use Vuuzle Live App?

It does not take a lot of time for the users to sign-up for a new account and get started. We are going to take the users to a new easy journey of Vuuzle Live App.

Step 1: You can download the application on the Android and iOS platform, and take a quick look at the permission to grant as well.

Step 2: Launch the application on the smartphone and sign-up using social media Auth login. You can sign-up for a new account with an email address as well and make sure to have access to confirm the address.

Step 3: Fill-up the details in the beginning to avoid any editing in profile.

Step 4: Every day the Vuuzle Live app rewards points for logging in, and you can use it to send virtual gifts to the customers.

Step 5: The dashboard has several options to offer for the viewers and spend some time to sink into it.

Step 6: At the top menu, you have community-based options such as Popular LIVE videos, Channels, New LIVE videos, Discover nearby or relevant videos, and more. The bottom menu offers end-user functions like Go Live, Streams, Chats, Profile, and more.

Step 7: Tap on any stream to watch it, and the Vuuzle Live shows you recording or live streams.

There are no limitations to commenting, sharing the LIVE video, sending virtual gifts, and more.


Vuuzle Live is going to add new features to the app very soon, so the users can enjoy the streams even more. Let us know what do you think about Vuuzle Live in the comment section below.

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